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  • Techiques make popularity

    New requirements of new era' has always been a motive force but not a pressure to a technical oriented enterprise constitution like Pulian. The entire engineering specialty team of Pulian has been retaining high peak of creativity, even of an indispensable basis granulator, yet processes with advantageous function of high-level mechanics and ergonomic simple controlling interface. Its courage in originality break through has built the highest quality and merit, erected a successful foundation stone of an undertaking that exceeding national boundaries.

  • Quality makes images

    Quality control is the intrinsic value of a granulator, while industry vision is the extrinsic value. Only the possession of both would create excellent sales value for production quality under the prevailing stratagem alliance nowadays.

    Industries use machines and tools need to come off from prim definition of the past, and leaping from production line to the desk of marketing; that is to say, the quality of production and vision of granulators must increase profits for customers' marketing. Since the extrinsic appearances of granulators are in direct connection with intuition judge of fabrication efficacy, and would be the first impression of reciprocal interflows and cooperation between undertakings. <TOP>

  • Service oriented specially works diving

    Perspective of customers is the notion of Pulian. Its full of vitality and youthful global service team is making a complete present of forefront service effects on to production line. The company continuously improves quality through profundity dialogues between departments and self-enhancement, which has been proved to be the most valuable production. Its specialization of service enables vivified simulation of locale operation, which is being developed into most advanced and up-to-date technology whereupon. Meanwhile, it deeply realizes arduous of business operating, and profoundly believes that the only way to have more clientele is to help customers to win their own clients. <TOP>

  • Precision ergonomic controlling interface

    Pulian high horse power intensive type crushers with high crushing speed that effectively shortens operation times. Small horsepower beside-the-press type of crushers with small dimension and high degree of flexibility. Regrind can be immediately recovered next to injection machine. Low DB designed for lower noise level. Ideal for round the clock operation. Silent, low-speed type crusher, with low running speed. Silent but of consistently sized regrind and powder-yield minimized. Faster cutter replacement, easy cleaning allows rapid screen changing. Size of crushed granules adjustable depends on screen changed (from r2,r3...,r15mm). Special Double-blade designed cutter, when used blade gets dull, blade on other side of the cutter can be immediately switched to for continuous operation. There are proper-metal built cutters for various materials being crushed like, SKD-11 (for mould tooling used, tool steel), SKH-2 (high speed steel), T.C.T. (Tungsten Carbide steel) ...etc. Rotor knives with exceptional efficiency cutting angle designed that of least vibration and powder yield minimized.

    Built-in emergency safety switch, allows automatic stopping when screening base or hopper is being opened. Series of Pulian's machines are all fitted with operational indicators like power supply indicators, motor running indicators, safety switch indicators...etc. just for safety protection of operators. High degree of flexibility for multi-operational use, allows mounting Pulian series products to any other plastic molding machine. For particular requirements, Pulian can custom make special assigned model of machine to customer specific needs. <TOP>

  • Business view of forerunner

    Production mode of assigned person with assigned job for assigned case has been Pulian's highest principle in making granulating equipment. By applying special purposed CNC lathes and machine centers for cutting to ensure and minimize components finishing to as one time operation as possible. Through the most precision press machines for sheet metal forming into shape to avoid imperfection of durability and exterior looks of machines. While for painting, it emphasizes on pre-cleaning of surface being painted in an effort to reinforce adhesion of undercoating and priming, and uses special sandy look of painting for details finishing. Final assembling of the machines to be accomplished by stringent trained technicians under a consistent working procedure of standardizing, specification and quantitative production. <TOP>

  • Effective mode of E-marketing

    Engineering of Pulian E-marketing has synchronously stepped on the world stage in equal footing with internationally well-known enterprises, integrating rapidly into specialization markets scattered all the nook of the world and broadening web sales with substance profit through its high-grade vision of web pages and link up guideline. Steadily advancing its globalization move, the company is expanding sales network at flying speed while reinforcing its service quality at the same rate as electronic communication. <TOP>

  • Pulian's worldwide business

    Pulian International Enterprise Co., Ltd. formally established in March 1994. The company has made concrete contribution to rubber/plastic industries with its uninterrupted technological innovation. During recent years process of era evolution and enterprise expansion, its domain of technical modernism has been extended far and wide from plastic molding industry through the strict required food processing industry to the environment protection field that with endurance as primarily considered. Quality of precision, practical and durability of Pulian's products has been professionally ascertained. This is a consequential tendency of electronic age and is bounded for a macroscopic earliest leap in the granulating industry. <TOP>
    web site:http://www.pulian.com